How to visit Innsbruck on a budget?


Going on a holiday is always a reason to celebrate, but when you are on a tight budget, that joy is getting smaller and smaller. No one likes to spend one week before the vacation looking for cheap deals, like places to stay and to eat, how to cut on travelling costs and so on. This is why, this article was born, to tell you of a few places and methods on how to visit Innsbruck on a budget.

How to visit Innsbruck on a budget?

 First of all, you need to buy your tickets in advance if you plan on visiting this place during some public holiday, such as Christmas.

For a fee of only 3.50€ you get to visit a nice lake, to sunbath, jump in the lake relax. The BAGGERSEE Lake is a true paradise. Tucked away in the southeastern side of the city, near the mountains, this lake is one of those almost-free, but really fun things to do. They even have a restaurant here so you can have lunch. If you know how to play volleyball or tennis, they are specially designed places for that.

One free fun thing happens every Tuesday or Thursday night. A group of people get together and hike for an hour in the Patscherkofelmountain, helped by a lantern. The hike ends at a local restaurant, where there is food, music and lots of drinking. You have to pay for your meal, but the place is really affordable, so do not worry about this thing.

The churches of Innsbruck are all free of charge, so if you are a fan of big architectural places you can always check them out. At the same time, Pub 7 is a great place to eat and drink. The owners are real sweethearts and let you play the music you want. As for cheap places to stay, there are plenty just a few steps away from the city center.

What about cheap Innsbruck airport transfer?

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Article written by Motorboot Mieten Makarska