Exploring the Myriad Facets of Incredible India


India is a vast country, and one of the most sought after places for the travelers throughout the world. The country boasts of its vast travelling places, with geographical and cultural diversity. When it comes to tours in India, you have so many choices at your hand. For enjoying peace and immense scenic beauty of nature, you can opt for touring hill stations of India.

India, basically the northern part of the India is popular for its beautiful hill stations, from where you can have a sneak peek over the Himalayan mountain range. Eastern and southern parts of India are mainly surrounded by the Bay of Bengal and the Great Arabic Sea, respectively. So naturally, some exotic sea beaches are there in India for the travelers. If you are planning for a perfect Indian holiday tour packages, then visiting Indian mountain or sea beaches are the best options for you.

If you love to visit historical places, and want to explore the ancient historic cultures, then you can also consider visiting so many places of India. So many ancient temples are present in the country. Also, you can opt to observe great sculptures and architectures, built during the great Mughal dynasty. For the wildlife lovers countless reserve forests, national parks and sanctuaries are present. Wildlife tours in India are thrilling, filled with excitements, and you would be able to see the wide range of animals, including a few famous ones, like – Royal Bengal Tiger, Indian King Cobra, Indian elephants and Rhinos. Apart from that, there are extensive ranges of birds and trees present in this country, which could not be found anywhere else on this earth.

India is a place, where the assortment in religions and cultures could be found. If you are looking for pilgrimage Indian holiday, then according to your religion, there are several places for you. India is the motherland, which is recognized as a breeder of religions like – Hinduism, Islamism, Buddhism, Sikhism, and many more. For Hindus, there are so many sacred temples. For Muslims, there are some great mosques, which were mainly built at the time of Mughal dynasty. Buddhist temples and stupas could be found in mainly northern and north-eastern part of India. And, for Sikhs, there is the famous Golden Temple, situated in Punjab.

Though, there are so many religions and so many diversifications in cultures, India is a peaceful country and a safe haven for the travelers. The people of India are quite friendly, and respect the people who come from outside of India to visit their land. India boasts to be the biggest democracy in the world. Due to the existence many cultures, cultural tours in India, are pretty famous. Get in touch with the people, having different cultures to experience the warm hospitality of the Indian people.

If you are visiting somewhere, accommodation is a big concern. Well, if you are visiting India, you have several accommodation options. Like the diversity in places and cultures, diversity in hotels can also be found. There are plenty of hotels in India, which you can opt for, according to your budget. Overall, if you are a travel freak, and want to explore different places, then India is a must visit for you.

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