Explore Negombo, Sri Lanka on Road


Negombo is a fine and comfortable holiday destination for tourists for its several and unique attractions. Tourists can enjoy boat trips, viewing wildlife, visiting elegant hotels and restaurants, sightseeing ancient heritage buildings, among others. It’s one of the best must visit places while in Sri Lanka since it’s strategically located suiting almost all tourists.

Online car booking in Negombo

Accessibility to major sites during exploration is made easier through rental cars. Car hire Firms are several in Sri Lanka, with different types of cars to suit needs of tourists. Booking prior to travel is possible through online, and choose the type of car you need. You’ll compare prices offered by different car hire firms, and settle with relatively cheaper one.

The car hire firms have their own drivers, but it will depend whether you need one or not. The drivers are qualified with adequate experience to relate with tourists. The driver is conversant with any place you’ll need to visit, as long as, it’s within the jurisdiction of Negombo. During booking, you need to indicate dates of picking the car and of returning. Also, include the type of car you need and check if it has insurance cover. Insurance policy before hiring a car is quite important.

Most of the companies charge discounted rates online, but rates go up rapidly upon arrival. Therefore, it’s advisable to book your car online before travelling to Sri Lanka. Now you’ve booked a car in Negombo, let’s look at some of the things you’ll do there during holiday trip;

1. Photography while in the sea shore

Getting to the beaches is quite simple since you’ve a car. Here, you’ll see catamarans used by fishermen. However, the catamarans appear approaching the sea shore just before sunset. You can take a photo of these structures since they’re quite appealing.

2. Boat trip in Muthurajawela marsh

This is a mass of lake-like water body located 15km south of Negombo. Surrounding this lake is an extensive track of land that is set aside for wildlife, human, and industry. There’re lots of fauna and flora in this land, but you can get around by boat. Your driver understands all these tourists’ places, and will take you there.

3. Hiring a catamaran

After your driver drops you in the beach hotels, one of the enjoyable fun is sailing with catamarans. Several beach hotels make some arrangements with local sailors to take guests out in the sea. They make local deals whereby prices are made fair and friendly. The sail appears to swing “back to front”, making the trip more fantastic. They also offer all-night trips, which you can still turn up since you’ve got a car for convenience travelling.

4. Stopping at Dutch Fort

This is an historic place that you shouldn’t miss while touring Negombo. You will experience the ancient architecture and historical preservation. You may take some few photographs before leaving the Dutch Fort to other tourists’ destinations.

5. Getting boat trip at the river delta

Along the beach, fishermen have boats that they use to offer trips to tourists. At the delta of the river, there’re mangrove, rain forest, coconut, and local farms. Here you’ll meet local people with their traditional daily activities. It’s very interesting attraction, with natural wild components.

The foreign nationals, who are staying for 30 days in Sri Lanka, need to get ETA visas online. SriLankan ETA visas are easy to apply via online, simply through filling in an application form. The ETA application is processed within 48 hours upon submission. However, ensure that details filled in the form correspond exactly to the details in your Traveller’s Passport; otherwise, you’ll incur extra charges for another ETA and corrections.


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