Amazing Yosemite Train Tours in San Francisco


You’re aboard ride through the Sierra Mountains is sure to rejuvenate and revive!

In order to experience the real beauty of nature, people from corner of the United States and across the globe take up Yosemite tours.  Train rides to Yosemite are one of the most relaxing ways to get there while enjoying the scenic beauty to the left.

If you are wondering what will I be seeing on the train. Just relax, you will be taking a trip along the historic precedence of the Madera Sugar Pine Railroad where potent lumberjacks felled the lumber and flumes carried the lumber to the town of Madera. The tour guide will tell you the history of the line, the trees, and the flora and fauna native of the area.

As you reach the park area, you will be taken to places of interest of Yosemite like:

  • Vista point
  • Half dome
  • Yosemite falls
  • Bridal veil falls

Apart from the aforementioned highlights there are several other things to see in Yosemite and it includes the following like:

·        Merced River

·        Sierra Nevada Range

·        Yosemite National Park El Captain

·        Yosemite National Park Three Brothers

·        Yosemite National Park Vernal Fall

Following are some of the added advantages that you would be put up with when you are taking a Train Ride to Yosemite:

  • Amtrak Branded
  • Wonderful California Views from Train
  • Fun and unique way to Yosemite Valley
  • Comfortable Seating arrangements
  • Can sleep aboard the train easily
  • Many on-board bathrooms
  • Well Air-conditioned
  • Cafe Car, and Lounge

Right from the lush valleys to gigantic peaks, Yosemite Park is loaded with unprecedented landscapes so don’t forget to take your camera and take pleasure in the far-fetched sole rock formations within the park, providing dazzling vistas.

In view of the fact that it is quite impracticable to do everything in one day, ensure that you plan wisely and then settle on the best package to explore the place to its fullest.

Don’t miss the opportunity of seeing America’s most splendid National Parks, located 215 miles south east of San Francisco.  With all that said, your San Francisco tours will be incomplete if you are overlooking to visit Yosemite so decide on the smarter option available.


On the whole, Yosemite tours are an outstanding way to spot, understand, and welcome the beauty of Yosemite National Park.

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