A Trip to Chicago – Enjoy its Fun Attractions

Shedd Aquarium

Chicago is a big city and also a financial hub, so skyscrapers and towering buildings are usual sights here. Last year, I went taking my kids to see this wonderful city in the US. We were on a four-day tour of the city and our main purpose of visiting the city would be to have as much fun as we can. Our tour operator suggested us some very important tips and we really had a great holiday experience in Chicago.

Talking about the fun attractions in Chicago, they are many – some very expensive, others are within budget limits, and quite a few are absolutely free. For example, Millennium Park and Lincoln Zoo are free to enter and we really had a great time there with our kids. It was an amazing experience to see a number of exotic animals all at one place. Similarly, it was sheer thrill to experience the various attractions of Millennium Park.

Popular Fun Attractions in Chicago

Some of the most popular fun attractions in Chicago are as follows:


The Skydeck at Willis Tower 

  • The Skydeck at Willis Tower: Although a bit pricey, the experience you get at the Skydeck at Willis Tower is something you would remember forever. Located on the 103th floor of the tower, the Skydeck is characterized with a protruding glass balcony that offers views directly underneath your feet. The glass balcony is called the Ledge It would be a super thrilling experience and you need to be a bit courageous to look through the glass floor under your feet. Willis Tower is surely one of the most popular fun attractions in Chicago.
  • Lake Michigan: How about playing in water. Experience the various aspects of Lake Michigan, which is one of the most famous landmarks in Chicago. Go diving to get a watery feeling or sit at one of the beaches to enjoy the fantastic environment. Kids would find it one of the must-visit fun attractions in Chicago as they can go boating and enjoy fishing as well. There are also a couple of hotels surrounding the lake where you can find many more attractions for fun and amusement.

Navy Pier 

  • Navy Pier:  The Navy Pier is full of attractions that can best be enjoyed with friends, family or someone you love. Also find here various shops, gardens, restaurants and attractions that can help you while the hours away. The Pier’s Ferris wheel is probably the best of all the fun attractions in Chicago. It is 45 meter tall and offers great views also.
  • The Field Museum of Natural History: Add a little bit of learning experience while having lots of fun. Visit the Field Museum of Natural History to see the world’s best preserved Tyrannosaurus Rex fossils. Besides, the museum is home to over 20 million exhibits. One of the most fascinating fun attractions in Chicago, the museum features some of the most innovative collections from science to culture
  • The Shedd Aquarium: Tourists must spend a few hours at the The Shedd Aquarium, which has a rich collection of live exhibits and marine attractions. Walk through the deep tunnels and discover the habitats of the Caribbean and Indo-Pacific reefs.

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