10 Reasons to Plan a Turkey Vacation Today


Introduction about Turkey

Turkey is a transcontinental country that is located on Anatolia in the Western Asia and on East Thrace in the Southeastern Europe. Due to the unique geographic location, Turkey is deeply impacted by both Europe and Asia in the aspects of economy and culture. With a long history, Turkey is a country with a brilliant ancient civilization and developed modern civilization. The Interweaving and conflict between oriental and occidental culture as well as ancient and modern civilization endows unique charm to this country. The geographic location gives it particular natural scenes.

Reasons to Vacate or Travel in Turkey

From the novels of OrhanPamuk, the Turkish author who won the Nobel Prize in Literature, for example, My Name is Red, we get to know the mysterious Turkish culture and beautiful Istanbul. But the charm of Turkey is much more than that. Here 10 reasons to plan a Turkey vacation will be given to the international tourists.

1) The unique geographical location. Turkey is surrounded by seas on three sides. The Aegean Sea is to the west, the Black Sea the north and the Mediterranean the south. Various landforms and natural scenes can be seen in this country. Sea, lake, mountain, high central plateau and coastal plains are all attractive scenic spots.

2) Integration of oriental and accidental culture. Turkey has a close relationship with Europe in economy, sports and politics. But it often impresses people as one of the Middle East countries.

3) Religious buildings. Islam is the dominant religion in Turkey. Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Istanbul is known as the Blue Mosque. In addition, the Eastern Orthodox Church has been headquartered in Istanbul for more than 1700 years.

4) Ancient sites. Graeco- Roman ruins scattered on the coasts of the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean. The ruins of Troy, Ephesus, Arykanda and Sagalassos are famous historical sites.

5) Ski resorts in winter. Different from its neighboring countries in Europe and Asia, Turkey not only contain cool coast but also cold ski resorts in Saklikent and Davraz.

6) World-famous Pamukkale (cotton castle). The hot spring and travertines create the dreamlike landscape in the River Menderes Valley in Delizli Province.

7) Hot air balloon. The adventure of hot air balloon is one of the must-have activities in Turkey. The most famous location for the hot air balloon is Cappadocia in Central Anatonia.

8) Unique Turkish culture. Turkish painting or miniature painting written in OrhanPamuk’snove is like a cultural coordinate of Turkey. Moreover, Turkish music and dance are attractions. Turkish March composed by Mozart might be the earliest impression about Turkey for a lot of people in the world even if this classical music is not so Turkish.

9) Convenient transportation. There are more than 6 airlines opening international and domestic routes. The good road condition is also convenient for passengers.

10) Turkish food. As one of the three cruises in the world, Turkish food is worth trying. Sujuk (spicy Turisk sausage), menemen and kofte are typical Turkish cruise.

For the reasons given above, Turkey might be more appealing to tourists. Once you make a decision to go to the fantastic country, you can apply for a Turkey visa and arrange your amazing journey right away!

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